vineri, 3 februarie 2012

Funny facts about Elizabeth I

- she reigned for more then half of her life
- she had 2.000 dresses
- she is known to hve sworn in Latin at the Polish ambassador
- she was very proud of her long, slim fingers
- she is sad to have tea in the hollow trunk of an oak tree in Greenwich Park, London known since as Queen Elizabeth's oak. By tradition, Henry VIII had danced round the tree with Anne Boleyn.
- she never married, but had several favourites whom she severely punished if they betrayed her
- she imposed such a complicated ceremony at her table that she never had her food hot
- she had very bad teeth
- she enjoyed dancing, hunting and horse riding
- she used to spit on the floor
- each summer she would set out on a royal tour through the most important counties of the kingdom, riding on horseback. She would spend several days at the home of some nobel lord who almost ruined himself in order to put on entertainment worthy of the adored Queen.

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